Large-Scale Solar Projects

We plan, build & operate solar plants

Solar PV projects are complex and become more so at scale.

juwi experts from various backgrounds work together to realize these projects by integrating the plant design (Engineering), component selection and purchase (Procurement) and Construction. The juwi Group is consistently ranked the second largest EPC contractor in the world. And the juwi Group is fully backed by all the major banks in Europe.

We are not only looking for and planning our own projects, we are also establishing solar farms on behalf of our clients. Based on our experience, we are able to offer solutions for any order.

Our engineers customize the plants according to your specific needs. Having realized 1,700 solar projects worldwide, we provide you with top-tier components, help you with all questions concerning financing and monitor the operation of your solar power plant.

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Utility-scale News

Prieska Solar Project
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Project Focus

Prieska Solar Project

The largest solar plant (86MW) built in juwi history!